Where are all the pictures?
There aren't that many yet, maybe you should add some.

Pictures show up on the map as you zoom in, more important pictures will show up sooner. Check out these places

Do I need to have an account at Flickr/23?
Only to add pictures. To view the pictures you don't need an account.

Of course you should be adding pictures

How do I use the map?
Click and drag to move the map.

Click on the zoom bar (on the left) to zoom in and out.

Double click to centre the map on a point.

The map is the same (almost) as the map at

How do I share a location?
Press link. This will copy the current location and zoom to the clipboard, and can now be pasted into a text editor/email/blog etc. The location is in the form of a URL with a photomap:// protocol. This is only understood by the PhotoMap extension, so it may not be useful for those without FireFox or PhotoMap.
Where am I?
The status line at the bottom of the main window contains the current position, bounding box, and zoom level.

Adding/Updating pictures

What kinds of pictures should I add?
The idea behind PhotoMap is to create a better map. So anything that would help someone looking at a map is probably okay.

Some things probably aren't: macro shots, long telephoto shots, portraits, pictures of someplace else...

What type is my picture?
Type helps us decide when to show the photo on the map. In general pictures of more important/interesting things should be visible from higher up.

Use the selections in the list box as a guide


The photomap project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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